Turkey Treatment Checklist



Generally after a surgical procedure, you may feel some discomfort and / or pain during your stay. This being the case, you are likely to spend more time in your hotel/apartment than you would do normally. It is important for patients to recover from surgery in an environment that they consider to be comfortable and safe, almost a home from home.

While with some of our deals, we can provide you with FREE Accommodation, you may prefer more luxurious surroundings and therefore you do have the option to either

A) PAY to UPGRADE (on the accommodation we provide)
B) Select Own Accommodation (within reasonable commuting distance of clinic)

Please inform your Dental Facilitator of your intentions prior to booking.

As you may spend more time in your accommodation you will also need to consider:

GOOD WIFI - AIR CON – FRIDGE (most treatments generally require a soft diet)

Travel Buddy

Many patients plan to travel alone and are happy doing this however some do regret not taking a family member or friend with them. As with most surgical procedures, patients can feel many emotions, be it depression, anxiety or confusion which is normal during this process. Consider taking someone with you that you trust who can offer you guidance, reassurance and one that has your best interests at heart.


Do not rely on your dentist mirror to give a true representation. A mirror image is called a mirror image because it reverses things from left to right. You regularly see a mirror image of yourself. In contrast, if you look at a normal camera photo / video, you see yourself as another person would see you. As it is not a mirror image, this is generally conceived as more ‘accurate’ in its representation of you.

Take lots of selfie images / videos from different angles using your phone as this will allow you more involvement in achieving the best result.

Be Frank & Speak Your Mind!

Say firmly and honestly what you think about a situation. If you are not happy with something during the procedure, speak to your dentist immediately or ask to speak to a patient co-ordinator. Do not wait as this could prolong or delay your treatment! Fully explain your expectations and what concerns you may have.

Take Extra Cash

While this may seem, for many, to be common sense and good financial management, it is important that you take extra cash for any unforeseen eventuality.


Due to our remarkable reduced prices and card transaction fees in Turkey, our clinic does prefer to accept CASH however please speak to your Dental Facilitator if this is a problem for you, prior to booking.

Your First Appointment Only

Patient MUST TAKE Passport with You to clinic on day of first appointment.