Terms & Conditions


These Terms and Conditions govern your use of this website and your relationship with ChatDental in relation to the treatment packages we provide. Please read them carefully before using this website. By accessing or using this website you agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions.


This Agreement describes the terms and conditions applicable to the services provided on www.chatdental.co.uk. This site is offered to you conditioned upon your acceptance without modification of all the terms, conditions, and notices set forth below. ChatDental reserves the right to change these terms and conditions of use in the future without further notice. Your continued use of this site after any such changes constitutes your acceptance of the new or modified terms. ChatDental shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of this website.


In this Agreement, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, the following expressions and words have the meanings assigned to them:

1.1         “Agreement” means this Agreement.

1.2         “Terms and Conditions” means these Terms and Conditions.

1.3         “We” and “Us” means ChatDental.

1.4         “Surgeon” means the surgeon whom you have chosen to perform your surgery and provide you with aftercare.

1.5         “Treatment Package” means pre-operative tests, surgery, accommodation, transfers, and co-ordinator agreed to be provided to you by us.

1.6         “Procedure” means the medical treatment(s) or surgery as agreed with the Surgeon.

1.7         “Consultation” means face-to-face or online communication before your trip to Turkey with the patient facilitator and the face-to-face consultation with the Surgeon in Turkey before your surgery.


2.1         We understand that travelling to a different country for surgery can be overwhelming. With this in mind, we provide treatment packages to ensure that your stay in Turkey is as comfortable as possible. The following packages are available dependable on a minimum spend thresh-hold;

2.2         Transfers to and from the airport;

2.3         Initial face-to-face or online consultation with the patient facilitator and a face-to-face consultation with the Surgeon in Turkey before your surgery;

2.4         Travel to and from the clinic for all appointments with the Surgeon;

2.5         Pre-operative tests to determine your suitability for your chosen surgery. Any tests considered necessary during pre-assessment or diagnosis for some treatments, or as a result of a pre-existing condition, or your exposure or vulnerability to any condition will be at additional cost.

2.7         Accommodation at the hotel / apartment. You are liable for any other costs that you incur such as meals (not included as part of our negotiation on your behalf), use of telephone, laundry, etc. at the hotel, or stay at accommodation not booked through us.

2.8         An English-speaking patient co-ordinator to accompany you during your appointments with the Surgeon.

2.9         All costs for the treatment package are exclusive of VAT where applicable.


3.1         To confirm your procedure(s) and the date, you may be required to pay an initial deposit as notified to you at the time of booking.

3.2         The deposit shall be paid prior to travel with the remainder payable at the clinic latest on the day of your surgery. You may pay the deposit via bank transfer and/or debit and credit cards.


4.1         You are responsible for booking and managing your own flights. We will advise you on carriers and times where possible, but booking and paying for flights will not form part of our agreement with you.

4.2         You are responsible for ensuring you have all necessary valid documents, including a passport and visas. You can obtain a visa upon arrival in Turkey or obtain an e-visa prior to your departure on https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/

4.3         You should get advice from your GP or practice nurse about any recommended vaccinations or medications at least eight weeks before you’re due to travel, as some vaccinations need to be given well in advance. This information can be obtained on the National Travel Health Network and Centre webpage  www.nathnac.org .


5.1          It is important that you have sufficient insurance in place to cover you during your stay in Turkey. It is a condition of your booking that you have such suitable insurance cover in place. Please ensure that you have a valid travel insurance policy in place from the time of booking.


6.1         Our role is to act as a third party facilitator between the medical care providers and yourself; we will always endeavour to work in your best interests as part of this process. The quote that we will supply will include the procedure that you and the provider have agreed upon. All procedures should be thoroughly understood and if there is any aspect that you do not understand please seek clarification.

6.2         The contract comes into existence with the acceptance of the treatment package presented to you and completion of the deposit payment. Thereafter we are responsible to assist you to the extent of dispensation of treatment package and delivery of the facilitation services, as set out in your treatment package.


7.1         Your treatment is a contract between you and your hospital and/or surgeon undertaking the treatment. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you agree not to hold ChatDental liable for medical negligence or malpractice by your chosen service provider.

7.2          We hold no medical qualifications and are neither responsible nor liable for any medical procedures. We assist you to arrive at an informed decision by meeting or, at least, interacting with the surgeon by phone/video conference. We are not liable for the work of the surgeon or any of the staff engaged at your chosen clinic or hospital. This will be governed by the hospital regulations and documentation provided to you. These aspects will invariably be governed by the terms and conditions of your treatment contract with the hospital/clinic and surgeon.

7.3          We do not accept any responsibility in the unlikely event that the surgeon feels you are not fit enough to undergo surgery and have to return without surgery. You will be entitled to a refund of any unspent balance of your treatment cost after deductions on account of tests, consultations, etc.

7.4         The medical procedure(s) agreed by you and the surgeon are based on the information and pictures provided by you prior to your travel to Turkey. In the event that during your physical examination the treatment plan must be altered, then you can choose to decline or proceed with the new plan.

7.5         If you choose to proceed with the new treatment plan, then you will receive a revised price quote, and the remaining balance will be adjusted based on the initial deposit paid. Should the duration of your stay change as a result of your new treatment plan, ChatDental will not be responsible for associated costs incurred as a result of this change.

7.6         All surgical operations and medical procedures, whichever country they take place in, have a risk attached to them and in the case of plastic surgery, hair transplants and cosmetic dentistry there may be dissatisfaction with the final outcome. We will not be held responsible for medical procedure disputes. Our liability is limited to a duty of care in our capacity as a third party facilitator governed by the laws of England.

7.7         We do not operate or control the services offered by accommodation, travel or transfer companies. By accepting this agreement, you agree that use of third party providers is without warranties of any kind by us. Under no circumstances are we liable for any damages arising from the transactions between you and third party accommodation, travel or transfer providers. We advise you to obtain and read all of the third party provider’s terms and conditions before acquiring booking from us.


8.1         We will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations under a contract that is caused by events outside our reasonable control including (but not limited to) acts of god, fire, flood, severe weather, explosions, war (whether declared or not), acts of terrorism, industrial disputes (whether or not involving our employees), or acts of local or central Government or of any other competent authorities.


9.1         You may, at any time, cancel your booking by notifying us in writing. The cancellation will take effect from the day on which we receive written notification of your cancellation. The scale of charges payable will depend upon when the notification of cancellation is received. If you cancel more than 21 days before the date of your procedure we reserve the right to charge up to £100 from your deposit as a cancellation fee. If you cancel less than 21 days before the date of your surgery we reserve the right to charge up to £500 from your deposit as a cancellation fee to reflect the losses and costs which we incur (or have incurred) in cancelling the booking.

9.2          If, for any reason, you do not present yourself on time and in a state that the consultation, procedure or surgery can be performed, your appointment will be cancelled, and we will not be able to give you re-compensation. Re-scheduling will take place. If you do not turn up for surgery on time then your medical care will be assumed cancelled without notice and cancellation fees will be applicable equal to the full amount already paid.


10.1       If we have to cancel or change your booking, we will contact you to discuss this and you can choose to rearrange your procedure with us (and pay the difference of fare or receive a refund, as the case may be) or cancel your booking and get a refund. However, we will not pay compensation in these circumstances and are not responsible for any losses or expenses you suffer as a result of circumstances beyond our control.


11.1       Your surgeon/hospital will give you aftercare instructions and advice. Should you not follow these and there are repercussions arising from your lack of care, the hospital and surgeon will not accept responsibility.

11.2       Once back in your Country of Origin, your first point of contact is your GP/family doctor. If they should identify a post operative care issue with your surgery or signs of any complications, we will assist you with making available to the surgeon a report from your GP, photographs, test results, etc, to enable the surgeon to provide an opinion.

11.3      ChatDental accepts no liability for the work of the surgeon or any staff engaging in your post-operative aftercare in the Country of Origin.


12.1       Should you need to return for remedial care ChatDental will provide reasonable support in its capacity as a “facilitator.”

12.2       In the event of a dispute between you and the Medical Care Provider, this will be conducted under the laws of the country in which your operation took place unless otherwise agreed. As a facilitator we will continue to act between you and the Medical Care Provider, and assist with you with the process wherever possible.


13.1      ChatDental aims to provide all patients with the highest standards of care and customer service. If for any reason we fail to achieve this, patients may make complaints verbally and in writing. We will investigate all complaints immediately, acknowledging any mistakes and rectifying them so that we can make improvements to our service.

13.2 Non-Disparagement: By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you agree not to attack or criticise ChatDental or any of its employee, associate or partner publicly (review websites, social media networks, blogs, public forums etc.) in regards to Service Provider’s treatments and actions. As ChatDental cannot be held responsible for the services, medical treatments and procedures provided by the Service Provider, you agree not to bring bad name to our company or any of its employees or take action that negatively affects ChatDental, its reputation, services or management at any time during or subsequent to contract period.

In case of breach of this clause, you agree to remove and take down the content immediately upon our assessment. If content remains, in part or in whole, you agree to pay £5,000 to ChatDental as damages.


14.1       We will hold your details, including your medical records, in the strictest of confidence. We will not disclose your data or records without your consent and we will only share information about you with others directly involved in your care.


15.1      ChatDental is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Should we ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified when using this website, you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement, and for the purpose it was intended. We will not share your data with third parties unless required to do so for administrative purposes relating to the services that we provide.


16.1       You must be 18 years of age and possess the legal capacity and authority at the time of booking your procedure with us. You may bring at no extra cost one other person of your choice who must also be over the age of 18.